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The Global Shining Light Award: Call for Applications

Sat, 2013-06-15

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference will again present the Global Shining Light Award, a unique award which honors investigative journalism in a developing or transitioning country, done under threat, duress, or in the direst of conditions. This is the fifth international conference at which the Global Shining Light Award is being granted.

The award will be announced and presented at a public forum at the global conference, held October 12 to 15, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - Caribbean: Call for Applications

Thu, 2013-05-23

The Branson Centre of Entrepeneurship - Caribbean is a not - for - profit organisation that supports Caribbean entrepeneurs who are passionate, self - motivated and committed to building a sustainable enterprise.

As a Branson Centre Entrepreneur, you gain: 

- Networking opportunites with local & global change - makers and business leaders

- Affiliation with a global network and brand 

- Exposure to local and international markets

- Practical business skills training & access to professional services 

50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs - Bookophilia

May 16

Venue: BOOKOPHILIA, 92 Hope Road, Kingston 6 Tel.  (1876) 978-5248


The official launch of 50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs: Lessons from a Dating Repository by Chenelle Taylor 


Information courtesy of 50 Something Dates Official Book Launch 


Giving Things Names - Poetry Workshop with Millicent A. A. Graham

Jul 20

How does a poem affect? What word or image creates common feeling and makes tangible the intangible.

This workshop with Millicent A. A. Graham will seek to examine everyday things and borrow their detail to create gritty meaning.

Submission Guidelines

Submit a writing sample of 3 poems. Each poem should be unpublished, no more than 1 page in length

Submissions should be in any of the following formats: Word, pdf, odf or rtf.

Please ensure your name appears on all pages

VPAJ refocusing on markets, marketing, business linkages & training/peer-learning

VPAJ is now emerging from a strategic reflection and planning process over the past several months. Drawing on the lessons learned from the recently-completed Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) training, we are re-orienting VPAJ to become an SBDC specialising in the markets for the creative & tech industries in the Caribbean. 

VPAJ completes Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) training, facilitated by Min. Industry, Investment & Commerce with US Government, OAS, Univ. of Texas San Antonio & Caribbean Export Development Agency

From Dec12 to Mar13, Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce (MIIC) facilitated a training programme for directors, officers and other stakeholders involved in small business development in Jamaica.  The four modules were delivered by the International Trade Centre/USTA, itself a specialised Small Business Development Centre:  Cliff Paredes (Director), Douglas Smith (Assistant Director), and Barbara Mooney (International Trade Consultant).

VPAJ welcomes Akiko Tomita, Research Coordinator, to focus on market opportunities

Last month, Akiko Tomita joined as VPAJ as a Research Coordinator.  Focusing on market opportunities for the creative & tech community, she has already started on mapping Kingston with a view to exploring new possibilities.  She will shortly start looking at a number of overseas markets, including Japan and possibly China.    

Celebrating VPAJ’s community: What happens when Corretta Singer, a Jamaican designer, interprets a Scottish storyteller’s tale in Kingston?

In the final of the three VPAJ/British Council Storytelling events held last year - “Storytelling Across Different Media” - VPAJ’s creative community was invited to discuss the use of stories in film, animation, music, dance, writing and tech-related ventures.  Also present were two UK storytellers, invited to Jamaica by the British Council: Jan Blake and Michael Kerins

Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean (WINC): Competition open

Mon, 2013-04-15

infoDev, a department of the World Bank, is implementing the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) in partnership with the Canadian Government.  With an overarching aim to promote economic diversification and productivity in the region through supporting technology-based entrepreneurship, EPIC seeks specifically to foster the gr

infoDev launches competition for Caribbean women entrepreneurs & business owners

As part of its Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean (WINC), infoDev last week launched its Innovative Women Entrepreneurs Competition. The two winners will be invited to participate in infoDev's 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship in East London, South Africa on May 28-30, 2013.

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