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JCDC Studio Notes Seminar - Jamaica Conference Centre

Mar 20

Venue: JAMAICA CONFERENCE CENTRE, 14-20 Port Royal Street, Kingston.  Tel. (1876) 922-9160-7

Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM


JCDC is hosting a session covering online & email marketing for professionals who desire to learn more about the business

Please see the flyer for further information.


Information courtesy of JCDC

Career Pathways for Curators and Cultural Managers

Sat, 2015-01-10

This course provides an overview of the various job roles and tasks within the field of curatorial and cultural management work in both local and international contexts. Participants will learn strategies and skills for improving and developing their own potential career pathway to create a more sustainable practice. This course has been developed for early career curators and cultural managers with some experience organising exhibitions, events and projects who would benefit from tips and ideas for how to make the most of their knowledge and better promote their practice.

Online Course: Lighting for Galleries & Exhibitions

Sun, 2014-09-14

This course, offered by the Node Center, is designed to give an insight into lighting design with a focus on art galleries, museum and exhibition spaces. Participants will learn about the various tools and techniques available when designing lighting for an exhibition and how to best communicate these ideas to an architect, lighting designer or electrical planner when designing a space. launches new online platform for film industries, focused on independent film in Asia & Europe

The website, which is hosted as part of, is a new online platform for sharing information on film industries with a special focus on independent cinema in Asia and Europe. 

Its objectives are to:

- Provide relevant information on different tools, programmes, platforms available for young filmmakers from Asia and Europe seeking regional or international collaboration;

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