100 Thousand Poets for Change Jamaica (1) - Moxons Beach Hotel, Ocho Rios, from 12-5pm

Sep 24

Venue: MOXONS BEACH CLUB, Stewart Town, St. Mary.

Tel - Poetry Society: (1876) 871-1855

Admission: J$ 500 (incl. lunch)


In celebration of the global poetic event*, 100 Thousand Poets for Change Ja and The Poetry Society of Jamaica will join the world largest poetry reading in history.

Today's event will feature Cherry Natural, Uprising Roots Band, Koro Fyah, LSX, Ganja, Ginegog, Damali Adele Ife, Ras Takura, Dexta Malawi, Ms.Quote, Keval, Witness, Kavel "Psalmist" as well as an OpenMic.

See flyer for more information.

* You can read more about this global movement at: http://www.vpaj.org/news/jamaican-poets-participate-global-100-thousand-poets-change and http://www.vpaj.org/opportunity/world-poetry-movement-founded-medell%C3%ADn-colombia-call-poets-worldwide-poetic-action.


Information courtesy of The Poetry Society of Jamaica.