"Floating", by Sezi - Redbones Blues Cafe @ 9pm

Jul 8

Venue: REDBONES BLUES CAFE, 1 Argyle Road, Kingston 10. Tel. (1876) 978-8262

Admission: J$ 900


Sezi, Born Jamaican, Grew up in Trinidad, dreams of being a world citizen. Poet, Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, Teacher.

If she couldn't express her thoughts through movement, rhymes, riddles and melodies she claims that she would probably be a lot less sane. Her music has many moods and sounds, but she doesn't discriminate against Genres...if a track has subtlety with layers of keyboards, drums and strings she’s all over it. Her music tells a story. “I want people to feel connected when they listen to a song or hear me perform! I love the whole evolution of the journey from sound to emotion to words! My songs are real experiences to me.”

Sezi is currently working on the release of her debut album and has been performing live whenever the opportunity exists. She has performed in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados & L.A.

Please check the flyer for further details.


Information courtesy of Redbones Blues Cafe.