Movie Night at Redbones: Submarine - Redbones Blues Cafe @ 7pm

Oct 4

Venue: REDBONES BLUES CAFE, 1 Argyle Road, Kingston 10. Tel. (1876) 978-8262

Admission: J$ 400


Submarine tells the story of a quirky 15 year old Welsh boy named Oliver Tate who is living through the typical trials of teenage life. He is falling for the equally quirky Jordana but the pressing issue for Oliver is the constant worry that his parents' marriage is in trouble. He does what he can to help but there is little he can do to prevent his mother from spending time with the guy next door.

(Directed by Richard Ayoade, 93 minutes, 2010)


This will be followed by another film - 3 (Drei), which starts at 8.40pm.


Information courtesy of David Morrison.