Celebrating VPAJ Members: Velma Pollard launches "Considering Woman I & II"

We are proud to celebrate the achievement of one of our members, author Velma Pollard, as she launches her second collection of short stories, fables and memoir -  Considering Woman II.  This happens at the same time as the re-publishing of her earlier collection, Considering Woman I, both now bound into a single volume.  

As described in the attached flyer, “Bitter Tales” are pungently written stories of abuse and unsupported pregnancies. The balancing sequence, “Better Tales”, offers epiphanies, safety and even contentment in a world where babies are abandoned in pit latrines, poverty forces families to give away their children, and a single mother has five children by the age of twenty-five.  Across all her work is an acutely sensitive consciousness of the consequences of the passage of time. “Gran…”, the longest piece in the book, is both a deeply moving account of the consequences of growing old, and a record of a vanishing way of life.