launches new online platform for film industries, focused on independent film in Asia & Europe

The website, which is hosted as part of, is a new online platform for sharing information on film industries with a special focus on independent cinema in Asia and Europe. 

Its objectives are to:

- Provide relevant information on different tools, programmes, platforms available for young filmmakers from Asia and Europe seeking regional or international collaboration;

- Support young filmmakers from Asian and Europe by providing insights on practical experience and study cases by making them available to a wider audience;

- Give a voice to observers and active figures of the film sector in the two regions, in order to understand further the particularities of each countries and the synergies between these two;

- Contribute to the development of regional film policies and programmes to further nurture regional collaboration and support.

Take a look if you are interested in listings, calls for entries, announcements for grants, funding and residencies focusing on cross cultural exchange.  If you are looking for film contacts across Asia and Europe, see’s recently updated Resource Directory which has more than 1200 entries.


For more information, please see: