“Research into the Unknown” Contemporary Arts Residency Program: Call for Applicants

Wed Aug 22, 2012

"Research into the Unknown" is a residency program where artists/creators and the audience can research what improvisation means in the field of contemporary arts. The program offers an intensive researching opportunity for artists/creators and focusing on the creative process, on the research itself rather then creating a performance.

This program aims to encourage artists/creators who are researching improvisation as an artistic tool in the field of contemporary dance and other art forms. Each semester, one Hungarian and one foreign artist/creator participate in the residency program. They choose a partner/artist from another art-form, with whom they venture into the Unknown with the tool of improvisation.

The program is made up of three consecutive steps, during which the research period is followed by a presentation where the audience plays an important role by giving feedback and dialogue with the artists / creators:

- The first presentation offers a possibility to present a rough work-out of the artistic concept in a studio, with the integration of the audience as an active part of the performance.
- The second step is a work-in-progress show in a (theatre) studio with minimal lights and technical help, with audience feedback-round at the end.
- The closing evening of the residency program at the end of the third step is a theatre performance where participating pairs present the results of their research work.

Eligibility Criteria
Artists/creatives who
• are experienced and curious to research into the subject of improvisation in dance
• wish to collaborate with Hungarian colleagues from a different art field

If you have participated or currently are participating in any DÉPARTS program or were/are students of P.A.R.T.S., this can be an advantage but it is not necessary.

Residency Benefits
You will be offered: rehearsal space; financial support; accommodation; and travel costs (one trip to Budapest and back)


Application Process
You are to send the following by e-mail (to workshop@c3.hu) or by post (Workshop Foundation, 1094 Budapest, Liliom utca 41):
• enclosed completed application form (including concept description and from which art-form you would like to choose your partner);
• detailed CV – max.2 pages;
• portrait of yourself;
• other photos and video of your work (DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, it is also sufficient to provide a link if your video is available on a web page)

The Residency Program will run from 8th October – 18th December 2012.


For further information, visit: http://www.wsf.hu/?Research-into-the-Unknown-improvisational-laboratory-2012-Fall-New-call!&pid=78&lang=eng.

You can also contact the Workshop Foundation directly: workshop@c3.hu,and (+361) 456-2045 or 456 2052.