Terms & Conditions

Welcome to www.vpaj.org, a website that is owned and operated by the Visual & Performing Arts Jamaica (VPAJ). These Terms and Conditions state clearly what you - as a user of this website - can expect from us, and also what we - VPAJ - expect from you.

By visiting any area of VPAJ’s website – whether to make purchases, visit our blog site, make comments or connect with any of our members – please note that you are
agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

VPAJ’S Rights & Trademarks Information

VPAJ reserves the right to make changes to this website at any time without notice or liablity. This website contains information and material that is licensed to VPAJ. These materials include but are not limited to, logo design, design layout, appearance text and graphics. You may not use any information from this website for commercial purposes. That means that no part of this website may be downloaded and sold. If for any reason there is a portion of this website that you require for use anywhere, you must request its use by sending an email to info@vpaj.org.

VPAJ & Other Websites

  • VPAJ provides links to other websites. These are provided for your convenience and information. This does not mean that VPAJ endorses these websites and cannot be held responsible for their content.
  • You are not allowed to provide a link to this website from other website/s without the written expressed consent of VPAJ.

VPAJ & Minors

  • VPAJ has been developed for use by individuals 18 years and older. VPAJ does not knowingly collect or seek to collect personal information from any minor. Individuals under 18 years of age must always be attended by an adult when visiting this website.

VPAJ & User-Generated Content

  • VPAJ has interactive features which allow its users to participate in discussions as they desire. However, users may not use this interactive feature to post illegal, libelous, false, inflammatory, discriminatory harassing or pornographic material.
  • VPAJ reserves the right to remove any comments to its blog site or any other area of this website that it deems inappropriate.
  • VPAJ is not accountable for any content posted by its users.

Terms & Conditions Of Usage For VPAJ Members

  • While VPAJ welcomes all applications, not every individual/organization applying for membership will automatically be accepted. All profile applications are subject to review and an approval process by a membership panel.
  • Becoming a member of VPAJ at present incurs an annual fee of J$1500.
  • Whilst the membership details have not yet been established, it is likely that VPAJ will offer a suite of service from which members can select what best suits their needs and priorities. Each person’s membership fee will therefore depend on the exact nature of their membership package. Further information on this will be made available to all existing members as soon as it has been finalised by VPAJ.

VPAJ Members & Their Works

  • If a VPAJ member has posted works on this website, VPAJ will assumes that s/he hold full Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). As such, it is the responsibility of each member to ensure that works uploaded are originals, whether such content is posted in the person’s Profile or elsewhere on the website, i.e. it must not be taken from somewhere or someone else without their prior and full consent).
  • As VPAJ takes Intellectual Property Rights of its members very seriously, infringement of these rights will not be tolerated. Should you have concerns in this regard, please email info@vpaj.org immediately. We will investigate such concerns and will take remedial action as quickly as we are able to.
  • Once this website’s e-commerce facilities are introduced to facilitate the sale of VPAJ members’ works, members bear sole responsibility to ensure that prices shown for their products or services on this website are correct. VPAJ will bear no responsibility for incorrect prices placed on the website.

VPAJ Membership

  • New members who join VPAJ may cancel their membership within 14 days of their confirmed acceptance. If a cancellation of membership should be requested within this allotted time, a full refund of payment will also be granted (once VPAJ’s membership fees have been introduced). After the 14 days have expired, no monies will be refunded for cancellation of membership.
  • VPAJ members will be invited to renew their membership two months prior to the date it falls due. If membership renewal fees are not received on the date upon which they fall due, the person’s membership will automatically be cancelled.
  • It is the responsibility of all VPAJ members to ensure that VPAJ has their current contact information and that such contact detail is in proper working order.
  • VPAJ reserves the right to cancel the membership of any group or individual it deems as misrepresenting the values of VPAJ.

Services Offered By VPAJ

  • VPAJ is committed to providing world class service to all its members, providing each individual and organization with an avenue to showcase their products and services while (pro-)actively promoting them and creating linkages with potential customers.
  • VPAJ is committed to informing all members of funding opportunities for their businesses, upcoming workshops and any other information or event that may be of benefit or interest to them.

Purchasing Products & Services From VPAJ

  • If VPAJ posts an incorrect price for any product or service, we will contact the user before mailing the product or delivering the service.
  • The risk of a product being lost is transferred to the user/customer once VPAJ has delivered the product to the person/s responsible for delivering it to the user.
  • If a user should purchase a product which does not fit the description given by VPAJ or for any reason the product is no longer to his/her liking, it is the user’s responsibility to return the item in an untouched/unused state within 14 days of receipt of it for a full refund. At the same time, the user must also send an explanatory email to info@vpaj.org to appraise them of his/her dissatisfaction and the fact that s/he will be returning the product imminently.

The above outlined terms and conditions of use of VPAJ and any changes that will be made to them hereafter are governed by the laws of Jamaica.

If there is any specific information you seek which relates to privacy that is not posted in this Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us with your query by sending an email to info@vpaj.org.